Westcott Micro Apollo Light Modifier #2200

Softbox is mounted on flash. Flash is not for sale. You need to buy own.
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It is brand newitem. It's never used except for tests purposes. This is in really good condition, works great. This comes from a smoke free home.

Apollo are constructed using an umbrella frame. No speed rings are needed, just use the umbrella receptacle on your light. Easy opening and closing means easy set-up and takedown. The square or rectangular shape allows you to scrim or control the light more readily. For direct diffusion, position the light facing the white diffuser panel. The light will have a bright center with a soft edge. The distance of the light to the diffuser panel will govern the brightness of the center of the light. For indirect diffusion, mount the Apollo with the light facing towards the back of the light modifier. With the light in this position, light will bounce off the silver metalized back of the unit and produce a more uniform, softer light.

Eliminates red-eye, brightens colors and softens harsh light from flash. Lightweight frame also functions as a gel holder. Easy on and easy off. Tucks easily into camera bag.

Superior Construction: The Westcott Mirco Apollo has translucent material constructed of ripstop nylon, instead of plastic which easily rips and shortens the lifespan of the product.

Superior Light Gathering: The Westcott Micro Apollo has a highly-reflective silver surface upon the inner surfaces of the side panels to maximize your flash's power.

General Features:
Package Includes:

Size 5 x 8" (13 x 20 cm)
Shape Extra small rectangle
Compatibility On-camera shoe, or handle-mount flash
Removable Face No
Removable Baffle No
Accepts Grids No
Required Speed Ring None required

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Softbox is mounted on flash. Flash is not for sale. You need to buy own.